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With yet another successful year in 2016 now fading from us fast, our worldwide operations team in Horizon Entertainment Cargo enter 2017 well prepared and ready for our 23rd year of providing for our loyal clients with every International Air/Sea/Road door to door time sensitive shipping necessity they may require for any upcoming tour itinerary schedule, however big or small that tour may be.

With HEC’s 23 years in providing our main core business of Intl. Entertainment Tour Shipping to the Music, Theatre, Exhibition and Conference industry it has also been no secret to various HEC clients that have all known and many even toured with me during my previous long term career in gaining my own experience as an Intl. Tour/Production Manager prior to forming HEC that our company can also provide our clients with a full shipping and transportation tour production service package through our partnership company EPT now 17 years in full service. Our EPT production service package is a much appreciated time saver in any tour or production managers busy pre-tour prepping schedule as the complete Tour Logistics etc are pre-planned and handled by a very capable EPT management team of European production professionals themselves with many years of their own European touring experience while planning & pricing always remaining under the constant auspices of the artistes TM/PM or Management and so the annual growth in demand of the EPT package offered to our touring clients is proof to all of its ongoing success among both our long term & more recent tour clients.

HEC has also been deeply involved over the past few years in the gradual planning and building of a new & fresh UK tour bus company. The final decision to go forward with this plan was made mid 2015 and we then launched in May 2016 with four buses on our maiden tour across Europe. For our new bussing company HEC got together with three other well renowned successful entertainment bussing veterans to form an experienced and solid business partnership in this venture to bring back to the European tour bussing circuit a company that would be reminiscent of the service standard we had expected buses to be in our own years of touring. We have formed a company here now to give our clients the best in tour bussing, make it an enjoyable experience with drivers proud of working for their company knowing they are respected for their character, client popularity & job experience, brand new state of the art Mercedes-Setra buses all on a very strict working plan to be renewed after a max of 5/6 years of touring service, realistic budget friendly quotes for a premium tour bus service. I can say with great pride that after launching our new company csuk we have had an incredible start with the buses already on our fleet having toured basically non-stop ever since with many of the biggest artiste names in the touring industry as well as delighted to say we have also forged new ongoing working relationships with some of the fantastically talented new up and coming young bands using a tour bus for their first time. The work already confirmed up on our csuk 2017 operations board just speaks volumes re. our success to date.

Let’s all try to leave the distressing world news we have all publicly witnessed in 2016 behind us now as well as the much shock and sadness in celebrity passing’s that has struck many of our emotions brutally and maybe now try to look forward to a more positive outcome in 2017, to create a greater world peace in general so as we can hopefully all leave our young and upcoming generation yet to follow us in a much safer and better place to exist and thrive in just like we have all enjoyed. I wish all that reads this HEC letter a very happy & prosperous 2017.



HEC / London Head Office



Horizon Entertainment Cargo is a specialist freight forwarding company operating in the entertainment touring industry now for 23 years. We have nine HEC offices in our "Hecargoworld" network across the globe making sure you're covered wherever your tour takes you. Since starting our business we have accumulated a loyal family of renowned entertainment touring clients; many of whom we can proudly say are still with us to this day. 

We provide a fully professional 24/7 tour production-experienced service within our time sensitive touring logistics operations. 

We can provide...

  • Air Freight
  • Ocean Freight
  • Road Freight
  • Customs Border Formalities
  • ATA Carnet/Import Bonds
  • Private Aircraft Charter
  • Cartage
  • Secured Storage.
  • Tour Production Consultation